Technology and social networking enables us to market a film the same as a global brand. Similarly we are selling the ideas of lifestyle choices and authenticity packaged within a film narrative
The recording artists portrayed in the movie will be deployed and marketed on-line much the same as if they were rreal-life recording artists - replete with websites, facebook & youtube presence.
Our strategic brand partners will be offered the unique opportunity to vertically integrate their products and brand-values within our film, as a whole. This isn't just product placement or brand funded content - but the genuine possibility to articulate brand feel and ideals within the production, sales and marketing of a film... In essence your brand becomes part of our story and vice-versa... By telling our story well - not only do we deliver consumers, but brand enrichment and a library of multi-faceted digital assets for communal use.

Films that 'our audience' has internationally endorsed before include: The Blair Witch Project,Larry Clark's Kids, and Borat... Aside from reaching established and emergent distribution platforms - these movies shared the commonality that they were not star-driven but rather a unique marketing/branding campaign was used to attract taste-makers and that in-turn delivered mainstream success.