Rarely does a film capture the look and the feel of a city at night - or characters as they spiral into that darkness.
But in 1976 John Cassavetes created a portrait of Los Angeles at night - like no other. Using the fastest film-stock of the day, scripted and improvised techniques plus a largely hand-held camera style, he delivered a film called The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie. We can see the influence of this film in many contemporary, commercial films. Its' jerky camera-moves and grit are ever present in Matt Damon's Bourne series, Stevcen Soderbergh's The Limey and especially The Wrestler.
For R-O-R we are going back to basics - trying to script, block and shoot for the visceral feel of Cassavetes. That means 80% hand-held camera - a focus on substance over style and a naturalistic touch with the actors... Our mission is to return that grit, grain and dirty majesty to those forgotten, hedonistic nights.